How to choose a blower

How To Select The Most Effective Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications

Download this concise but information rich whitepaper to learn about blower technology selection for wastewater treatment.

Turbo 4.5

Aerzen TB Turbo Blowers

High energy efficiency

The Turbo Blower technology has radically changed the marketplace with high energy efficiencies and lower maintenance requirements in select applications. We are excited to bring this technology to the industries under the Aerzen brand and manufacturing process.

Delta Hybrid Produkt

Delta Hybrid

Highest energy efficiency and reduction of Life Cycle Costs

  • Reliability and durability
  • Low sound emission
  • Without absorption material
  • Space saving, ease of handling and reduction of maintenance costs
  • Expanded operating- and increased pressure range




Biogas 2016
Hanover, Germany
15/11/2016 - 17/11/2016

New customer journal

compress-2-2016 2/2016

- AERZEN is helping a WWTP to reduce its energy usage
- Even better performance in the aeration tank
- "Expect a lot!"
- Always well-informed, and now mobile as well
- Every kilowatt utilised optimally

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